We plan to start a kickstarter campaign in fall and we need your help. We're a small team without a big marketing budget and want to tell you what we have planned to spread the word:

Roadtripping together!


We're planning to tour all across Europe during the kickstater and visit your favorite youtubers and game magazines! And to make that a success we need your help: do you know any youtubers in your country that might be interested? Do you yourself do Let's Plays, streams or anything like that? Just write us your ideas and suggestions and if possible we will try to make it happen :)
Of course we won't be able to visit everyone and come to every country, but we will try our best to come around as much as possible!

Besides these Let's Plays that will show you the first part of Lost Ember we will video blog the whole tour and frequently upload new videos that will let you be a part of the whole experience!



But, as a little extra challenge, we set a goal for ourselves: we won't start the campaign before we have 5000 subscribers for our newsletter!

So now we need your help: in order to reach as many interested players as possible, we really would appreciate it if you shared anything about Lost Ember and invite everyone who might be interested in out game to sign up for the newsletter! And to make things even more interesting: the person which is able to recruit as many subscribers for our newsletter that will later actually back our kickstarter, will win a limited edition of Lost Ember worth at least 300$ when the game is released!

Help us to make our kickstarter campaign happen!

Join the challenge now at http://www.lostember.com!


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