If you follow us on twitter, facebook or instagram, you may have noticed that we attended the manga and games convention MaGnology in Hamburg this year. It was a really awesome time and of course we want to share some impressions with you guys :) 

 MaGnology 2016

For the first time in history we presented a short demo version of Lost Ember to the public, so we were really nervous about what the people would say. As it turns out, our nervousness was totally unfounded! The players loved it, it was just amazing to get all this great feedback and seeing all of them enjoying our game. As a little taste we captured two short GIFs of the demo:


At MaGnology, especially our little armadillo-mole was the center of attention for a lot of people. One player and artist even liked him so much, she gave him a name - Bert - and draw a little fanart of him :D 

One of the animals in Lost Ember - the armadillo-mole Bert

You can check out more of her amazing art at her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Fräulein-W-522835684400257.

And as you would expect from a manga and games convention we met lots of impressive cosplayers who came by our booth and enjoyed Lost Ember just as much. For example League of Legends' Gentleman Gnar was really excited to try our little demo :D

Gentleman Gnar plays Lost Ember

All in all we can say it was a huge success and not only did we get great feedback and lots of new fans but we also found lots of new bugs^^ And so you not only could play Lost Ember at our booth, but also watch us freak out and fix some of the nastiest bugs right there ;) Luckily we managed to fix most of them on the first day and the rest of the time you could play (almost) without issues. And again we learned how important it is to let as many different people as possible test your game because even if you played it a thousand times, you definitely missed that one spot that you never even thought about and that the next player will walk right into ;)

We want to thank all of you guys who came by our booth and played Lost Ember! We had an awesome time with you and can't wait to see you again, maybe in August when we will show Lost Ember at gamescom in Cologne!

If you missed the MaGnology our simply want to meet us again, you can still get tickets for gamescom at http://www.gamescom-cologne.com/gamescom/index-9.php :)

We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Have a nice day :)


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