The last IGM issue of the year features another installment of "Game Watch" with big reveals of Lost Ember! 

 In the last few weeks we worked on exciting stuff. Not only do we now finally have a working prototype of all game features that we tested with some external players but we also feel confident about announcing a major new feature. But more on that later ;) 

First we'd like to tell you some details about the flashback sequences and the story. As you might remember, players not only wander the world and explore ruins and fallen cities, but they will also relive important moments of history in short flashback sequences. The first flashback takes them back to a small village of Mathu'un - the indigenous people of the lands they wander in the first episode - and witness an argument between their chiefs and a foreign ruler.


Mathuun Village Concept

In this flashback the player can walk among Mathu'un villagers, listen to conversations and get an impression of how they used to live and also get a first glimpse of what might have caused their demise.

But as I said, this is not the only thing we worked on over the last couple of months: we introduced a new feature, that kind of changes the way Lost Ember will be played quite dramatically. Lost Ember will have a multiplayer component! You willbe be able to run across the lands and fly through the trees with a friend. That opens whole new possibilities of exploring the world together and let me tell you, it is really awesome to have someone else keep you company as you explore the world of Lost Ember!

Well, I guess that is enough news on the gameplay front, but not all we have this month! Now that 2015 slowly comes to an end, we think about how to continue development of Lost Ember in 2016 a lot. And as for any indie developer, money plays a big role in those thoughts. To being able to work on Lost Ember fulltime in 2016, we decided to start a crowdfunding campaign in the next couple of month. Of course we'll let you know when we decided the date of the campaign ;) But if you'd like to be the first to know, feel free to sign up for our newsletter at!

And that's it for now :) Check out the IGM article below for a little more details and screenshots. And as this will probably be the last blog post for this year: have a nice christmas and a happy new year :)



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